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1961 ID19

Posted on Apr 10, 2014 by in Citroen DS | 2 comments

Picture sent in by Docteur Danche, shot around Muzillac in France.

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  1. Hi Chris !

    What you are doing is great and we love your website ! If you come to France one day we would be very happy to welcome you .
    For American guys who don’t know us, our ( French ! ) garage speciallizes in classic Citroen cars, mainly DS and SM. We renovate them to their original condition.
    We also maintain a DS racing team for rallying in Europe and Africa ( we put loads of photos on our website ) and sell classic Citroen parts all over the world.
    All the best !

  2. Hi Chris,
    We are also partners in a French Forum dealing with classic Citroen cars.
    It would be great if some American guys could put free ads or set up a new forum talking about American Calssic Citroens !
    The French don’t know a lot about Citroen in America and I am sure they would be really interested in knowing a bit more.
    This website will be translated into English soon !
    Have a nice day in Great America !