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The two white DS’s in Texas

Posted on Apr 8, 2014 by in Citroen DS |

The DS on the right belongs to a friend up at TCU. I think it’s around 1965 or so. You can tell by the different headlights, which I think came along in 1967. It’s a real beauty. We met for coffee and as I was checking out the car, I opened the ashtray in the back seat and found a single ancient cigarette butt with bright red lipstick.

He’d never seen it before. What a story that cigarette butt could tell.

He’d bout the car from the estate of the original owner. She lived in the Hollywood Hills and bought the car brand new from the showroom in Paris and drove it around Europe for a while before shipping it to LA. She drove it for many years and you can see the carpet holes from her high heals digging in next to the gas pedal. As she got older, she’d drive into the garage till she tapped the back wall with the bumper. The dents are still there.

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