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The basement tour at the Lane Museum in Nashville.

Posted on Jul 13, 2014 by in The Lane Museum. | 2 comments

This is one of my favorite places on earth. It’s a fantastic collection of rare and vintage European cars, with a few gems from Asia. Probably the biggest collection of Tatra’s anywhere. Hundreds of amazing cars. The greatest thing is that most, if not all, of them run. They drive them all and keep them in working condition. They have fund raisers a few times a year where you can bid to drive one. It’s on my list. They have a white Citroen SM and a 1957 DS that I’d love to drive. The DS is amazing. Probably as close to showroom perfect an any one in existance.

These are shots from the basement. These cars get rotated up to the main collection on occasion. Some amazing cars down here. IMG_5242 IMG_5243 IMG_5244 IMG_5245 IMG_5246 IMG_5247 IMG_5248 IMG_5249 IMG_5250 IMG_5251 IMG_5252 IMG_5253 IMG_5254 IMG_5255 IMG_5256 IMG_5257 IMG_5258 IMG_5259

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  1. Hi, great blog !
    I can even spot a Fiat (new) Multipla, lol

    Regards from Italy
    Alberto – DSuper 5 owner

  2. I am attending the museum day on the 25th. Do you know what cars you will be demo ing? 00006000 What about the LARC? how often do you demo that? and on the museum day, is basement time limited?