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They fixed it in two minutes… Loose coil wire.

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 by in The Great DS Road Trip... Reno to Austin. |

We were coming up on Amarillo at 2:00AM, trying to make the desert run home at night, when the car started running badly… It’d skip, chug, lights would dim… Not good. So I told Maxx to whip out the iPhone and find a mechanic’s shop that was next to a hotel. Sure enough, we found a shop and I pulled into the lot. Turned it off and nothing. Wouldn’t start. So we grabbed out stuff and checked into the Baghdad Motel (or something like that). Got up the next morning and walked across the tracks (yes, the tracks) to the shop. They were standing out front wondering what had landed.

We pushed it into the shop and opened the hood. He asked me to turn the key and it started instantly.

After 40 years, wires can shake loose and the hot wire to the coil was loose. He crimped it down and it ran great. Lesson learned. They said no charge because they got a kick out of the car but I gave the guy a hundred dollar bill. Pay it forward.

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