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More photos from the 1955 Paris Auto Show and the launch of the Citroen DS

Posted on Jun 18, 2014 by in Citroen DS | 1 comment


Pretty cool. They’re all painted up like Skittles. 1955 paris auto show citroen ds 10425186_10203384852134985_1768436482082743051_n 1782170_10203384859335165_7659352704109224181_n 10462706_10203384853295014_8536700521430467731_n 10455268_10203384856215087_898844650422152712_n 10438957_10203384848614897_3794951462653249100_n 10473212_10203384868055383_6611732864521744645_n 10306467_10203384865695324_6651208118559435115_n 10489745_10203384849774926_6281931844514185660_n 10382140_10203384847014857_7544955294334955610_n 10455248_10203384846254838_29995270320841304_n

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1 Comment

  1. Hi Chris, great shots, but I am not sure they are from 1955 Paris auto show. Early examples, to be sure, but not from then. The giveaway is in the second shot, where the front RHS corner of a third front turning headlight blue DS can just be seen…