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Replacing a rear return boot.

Posted on Apr 10, 2014 by in Keeping a DS running. |

If you ever notice some hydraulic fluid just ahead of the rear wheels, don’t panic. It’s a pretty simple fix.

There are black rubber boots that cover a shaft. These carry some hydraulic fluid back to the main system and they age and crack eventually. The fix is pretty easy really. Order the new boots and boost the car to the top level. Remove the rear wing and rear tire and you have easy access to the boot. It’s got a couple metal clamps holding it on, loosen those and pull a large pin at the base (dont have to remove it, just pull the back part out).

Now the boot and the shaft can be removed.

Replace the boot and put everything back together. I made a video I’ll put up on Youtube eventually. Simple fix. Will last another 40 years.


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